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  • w959

  • Materiale: monokrystallinsk silicium
  • Fleksibel Solar Panel: Ja
  • solar panel kit 200w spænding: 12V eller 24V
  • solar panel 20w spænding: 18V
  • solar panel kit 240w spænding: 12V eller 24V
  • Max. Magt: 10w ,20 w,50 w,100 w,120w 200w,240w
  • Type: Solar Panel
  • Spænding: 12v / 16v /18v /24v
  • Certificering: ROHS
  • Mærke: BOGUANG
  • solar panel 10w spænding: 12V
  • solar panel 100w spænding: 16V
  • Nominel Kapacitet: 10w ,20 w,50 w,100 w,120w 200w,240w
  • solar panel 50w spænding: 16V
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • solar panel 120w spænding: 18V
  • Foldbar Solar Panel: No
  • Antal Paneler: 1
  • Model-Nummer: Solar Panel

Specifikation Model



renceevne Vmp Voc Imp Isc Størrelsen vejer BG1210 10w 23% 12 V 14,4 v 0.83 En 0.91 En 440*190*3mm 0,39 Kg BG1820 20W 23% 18V 21.6 V 1.11 EN 1.22 EN 420*330*3mm 0.49 KG BG1650 50W 23% 16V 19.2 V 3.1 3.3 EN 545*535*3mm 1.38 KG BG16100 100w 23% 16V 19.2 V 6.25 EN 6.87 EN 1050*540*3mm 1.9 Kg BG18120 120W 23% 18V 21.6 V 6.6 EN 7.26 EN 1170*540*3 mm 2,1 KG

12V 10W

18V 20W solcelle panel

16V 50W Solar panel

16V 100 W solpanel

18V 120W solar panel

12V/24V 200W solar panel

12V/24V 240W solar panel

Liliya Zaidyllina
10 W panel. Delivery 2 days in Mo. It is a pity the courier brought yesterday when the sun has already disappeared, and today it is overcast and snowing. Brought to the window, shows a voltage of 10 volts, and a short circuit current of only 4 Ma. Took to put in the machine to compensate for battery discharge. The machine consumes 70 Ma, I.E. In cloudy weather, there will be no sense from the panel, but, as, in the Moscow region the sun in winter is very rare, the idea with this panel failed. Just the car in 3 weeks of downtime is planting the battery that it has to be removed and carried home for charging, otherwise, don't start. Sad. SE. When the sun appears, of course, I will test and complement the review.

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