Tags: pille, sabotage-stationen stål, ESPRESSO, coffee shop, barista værktøj, spil saboteur, coffee espresso maker, og franske presse, og kopholder, Stamper 58mm.

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  • Materiale: Akryl
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

[Farve]: sort / brun valgfri

[Præcisering]: 15*10*6.5 cm (emballage)

[Materiale]: rustfrit stål, silikone

Stilen er enkel og praktisk, lille og tager ikke plads

Høj kvalitet rustfrit stål, tyk materiale, ingen deformation, når presset pulver

Decent product. Nothing special but considering the price it's ok. Gets the job done. The portafilter cutout is a little bit tight for Sage Barista Express 54mm portafilter, you have to squeeze it in.
Shipping fast with tracking. Packed perfectly. Into the box. And back to the pupyrka. The thing is good. Quality. Heavy. Metal is thick. Silicone quality. But there are also minuses. The metal on the side walls on one side is smooth polished, and on the other very sharp, you can cut. We need to grind it. Another negative Wall metal is very badly included in the silicone. And fall out if you move from one place to another. We have little space and have to move it from place to place. Falls out. Inconvenient. Suitable for those who just stand in one strictly designated place. I wanted a silicone mat more, but they ordered this kind of stand. Now we're torturing. We need a huge kitchen now.
Kate 9393
Convenient stand. Took 2 pieces.

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